Bamboo flooring

Champagne colour Bamboo floor Perth

Available colours of Bamboo floor boards:

Bamboo flooring is an increasingly popular option, a lot of people see this as an alternative to hardwood flooring yet relatively inexpensive. Let’s take a closer look at this type of flooring and find out if this option will suit you.

First, bamboo floors are made of a certain type of grass. It has an exotic and elegant look which makes it an appealing flooring option for many. However, just as hardwood floors have their pros and cons, it has its positive things, a lot of advantages and some vulnerabilities, therefore it is important to understand before making a choice.

Advantages of bamboo flooring

There are many advantages to bamboo flooring including its environmental friendliness, durability, cost-effectiveness, insect resistance, dimensional stability, and more.

  • First off, it is environmentally friendly, bamboo flooring is equal to natural flooring. Bamboo is a highly renewable resource. It grows much faster than any other tree and reaches maturity in 3 years or so.
  • Bamboo is relatively easy to maintain. All you have to do is sweep and vacuum it regularly. You can also use a damp mop or clean it with a non-wax, non-alkaline bamboo floor cleanser.
  • It is durable. There are some types of bamboo that can be extremely strong and durable.
  • Its style is trendy. Bamboo will elevate the elegance of the space, it is aesthetically warm giving the place a distinct and different look.
  • You can have your bamboo flooring refinished in case it is discoloured, scratched or marred. Sansing it and applying a new finish will give it a new look. Also, The price is affordable, it is not going to break the bank to have this type of floor installed.
Disadvantages of bamboo flooring
  • Cannot be installed in high-moisture rooms. A lot of water might damage it as it is limitedly water resistant. It is more water resistant than traditional hardwood but you have to be careful with moisture. Bamboo is natural. Too much water or humidity can cause floor planks to plumb or mould can appear, in a dry area, planks can shrink causing cracks.

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