timber flooring


Choosing what type of flooring you will have for your home is indeed a tough decision when it comes to interior design. Laminate flooring, ceramic, stone or vinyl. These are also all popular options. Timber flooring is often recommended as an optimal choice for many reasons.

Available colours and patterns

Advantages of timber flooring

  • Appearance. Timber flooring gives an elegant and aesthetic look and it just gets better with age. It seems that it is eternal, timber floors never go out of fashion. Wood has a timeless appeal.
  • Long-lasting. Timber flooring is the most long-lasting flooring type. A timber floor is an investment for a lifetime. It not only adds value to the home but also gives it character and life. A correctly installed timber floor will last forever.
  • Warmth and feel. Stone, as well as tiled floors, may be as easy to clean and hygienic as hardwood flooring but they feel different. Hardwood flooring will help create a relaxing and comfortable environment, turning a house into a home.
  • Value. Timber flooring increases the value of your property. A house with wooden floors  may sell more easily compared to houses with other floor finishes
  • Environmentally-friendly. Natural timber flooring is also an environment-friendly choice for your home. It’s not only more energy efficient than other surfaces but also uses less energy during production. Many Australian timber floors are sustainable as they are made using timber sourced from carefully managed Australian forests.

Timber flooring

  • Easy-to-clean. Fairly easy to see why. A simple brush and a light vacuum keep your floor look great.
  • Durable. Quality wooden floors last for long decades.
  • Cost-efficient. Although wooden floors are more expensive to install, hence the initial cost is higher than other options, in the long run, solid timber flooring is obviously less expensive because they last forever while the average lifespan of a carpet will be around seven or nine years. If it is necessary a simple sand and seal will make it new again. There is no refitting a new carpet or changing the whole flooring.
  • Underfloor heating. Wood is warm, it provides a great medium for underfloor heating which is a very efficient heating method.
  • Hygenic. As for carpets, you have to deal with dust, animal hair, parasites, dust mites and more. Allergy suffers don’t prefer these neither do animal owners.